The best way to “go viral” is to engage millions of users, each of whom share through small networks.

“Online sharing, even at viral scale, takes place through many small groups, not via the single status post or tweet of a few influencers…Content goes viral when it spreads beyond a particular sphere of influence and spreads across the social web via ordinarily people sharing with their friends…the median ratio of Facebook views to shares (is) merely 9-to-1.

This means that for every Facebook share, only nine people visited the story. Even the largest stories on Facebook are the product of lots of intimate sharing—not one person sharing and hundreds of thousands of people clicking.”

Source: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2012/07/24/72-fascinating-social-media-marketing-facts-and-statistics-for-2012/#kQEVQTbQVqPLBTrM.99

Analysis: I will bear this in mind for my social media strategy and will target small existing groups to host the video and share the link on the Facebook pages of different communities

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